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  • It looks like the next iPhone will have a new type of charging cable
    If you’ve had Apple products since the early days of the iPod, you’re probably used to hoarding cables and then having to just put them in a box in the back of your closet every time you get a new device.
  • Sopranos Prequel: Key Player to Return
    The upcoming Sopranos prequel film is keeping it in the family.
  • Charter’s gigabit cable with no data caps is ready for 27 million homes
    Charter's gigabit Internet service launched to another 4 million homes this month, and now more than 27 million homes in Charter's territory can get the ISP's fastest offering. Charter is aiming to make the "Spectrum Internet Gig" service—with actual download speeds of up to 940Mbps—available to nearly all of the homes in its cable footprint by the end of this year.
  • Best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad
    Podcasts are great, but finding the right podcast app for your needs can be overwhelming. We're here to help! Do you love listening to podcasts on your commute, or just as some background entertainment while at home?
  • Apple Announces Group FaceTime Coming to iOS 12 With Support for 32 People at Once
    When iOS 12 launches this fall, you'll be able to perform a group FaceTime call with up to 32 people simultaneously. The Group FaceTime news came out of WWDC 2018 today, and members will be able to drop in and out of a call, and there will be support for both audio and video calls.
  • Here are all of the devices that will support iOS 12
    On stage at WWDC, Apple officially unveiled iOS 12 with a heavy focus on performance and stability improvements. As for the devices that will get iOS 12, Apple says every device that ran iOS 11 will be able to upgrade to this year’s release…
  • New Wonder Woman 2 clue hints at the movie's time period
    Wonder Woman fans will have to wait until November 2019 before they see their favorite Amazonian superhero battle bad guys. But luckily Wonder Woman 2 director Patty Jenkins and president of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns can't help but drop a few hints about the upcoming movie.
  • Mustang Means Freedom: Why Ford Is Saving an American Icon
    Ford is phasing out its passenger cars, except one: the Mustang. The car may be only modestly profitable for Ford, but it has deep emotional power.
  • The 10 best new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in June
    This might be the most top-heavy collection of additions to the Netflix streaming service we’ll see all year. Not only are a sizable number of original films and shows arriving in June, but we’re also getting a Star Wars movie AND a Marvel movie, both of which released last fall. That’s quite a speedy turnaround, especially for Netflix!
  • Steelers Unveil 1978 Throwbacks
    The Steelers unveiled their new throwback yesterday. As had been expected, it’s a late-1970s design, which means that only changes are the block typography and the removal of the logo patch on the chest.