Sunday Reads 04/08/2018

A collection of long reads for the week of 04/08/2018.

  • Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit – Victoria Toline would hunch over the kitchen table, steady her hands and draw a bead of liquid from a vial with a small dropper.
  • The Tipping Equation – The balancing act plays out every day in restaurants across America: Servers who rely on tips decide where to draw the line when a customer goes too far
  • How iFixit Became King of the iPhone Teardown – “Just so we’re both completely clear: We’ve spent most of the week flying to Australia to stand in line to buy a phone we’re not sure we’re going to get,” I say to Kyle Wiens, the CEO of iFixit and the person whose plan this was.

This is a test #sundayreads post.

A new Kindle Oasis

I love my Kindles. The original Kindle 3 keyboard helped reignite my love for reading. I have the Voyage which is a great piece of hardware, but to me the Paperwhite is the premier eReader. Its price, along with the most important feature to me, the back light, make it my perfect for my needs.

The one feature on the new Oasis that intrigues me is the ability to invert the screen, that is make the background black and the text light. I think that would be nice for reading at night. But at that $349 price tag, I’ll just wait and see if that feature makes it to the Paperwhite in a future iteration.

via Amazon introduces a waterproof Kindle Oasis with a seven-inch screen and Audible playback | TechCrunch